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    Spear-Sub’s Lycra Rash Guard shirts are the only rash guards in the market designed solely for the use of spearfishing, built for both protection and performance.
    Our product team, a group of enthusiastic spear-fishers and divers, has decided to provide our customers with answer to all their needs from a shirt used for spearfishing in worm water.
    A few characters were defined as crucial:

    The spearfishing rash guard project turned into very complex design, as we faced obstacles that challenged some of the best industrial designers in the country, yet we’ve succeeded with our vision and created a top of the line, revolutionary rash guard that will stand the test of time.
    We spared no effort developing this product – neither during the design phase nor during production, and Spear-Sub’s spearfishing rash guards are made of the best materials available, with the highest quality Lycra and tough FlatLock seams.
    We’ve developed a unique knitting method to ensure that the SPF 50+ we promise is more than just a word on a sticker, we’ve ran our shirts through long and comprehensive quality assurance process, and finally – we provide each of our products with 1 year warranty!
    We’re not offering a product’s repair – If our product fails to meet our highest available standards, a new product will be sent to replace it!
    Spear-Sub’s Rash Guards were design for your enjoyment and satisfaction, and are currently available in two different patterns: Pacific Blue and Reef Rough.

    Blue Camo Rash-Guard Shirt
    Pacific Blue Camo Rash Guard
    with Loading Pad!
    Price $49.95

    Green Camo Rash-Guard Shirt
    Reef Rough Camo Rash Guard
    with Loading Pad!
    Price $49.95